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Wallington Jr./Sr. High School has begun to implement two new initiatives to improve students’ preparation for the SAT. For the first time the school has scheduled its PSAT offering during school hours, and the district paid for the registration fees of all 10th grade students. 11th graders also had the option of taking the test at their own expense. In the past, students took the test on a Saturday morning. In addition, Wallington High School is offering after school SAT preparation classes for any interested students in Grades 10-12. Both programs have generated considerable interest from Wallington students.


Principal James Albro identified improved SAT preparation as a priority for Wallington students: “One of the reasons we are offering the PSAT to all 10th graders is because the test is an accurate predictor of students’ college and career readiness skills.” Administrators and teachers will work together to analyze the data from the test results and use it to augment classroom instruction. In order to increase the number of students participating from that of previous years, Albro and Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services, Kathy Ventura, changed the day of testing from a Saturday to a school day and allocated funds to pay for 10th graders’ registration.



The after school SAT preparation classes consist of 8 sessions of 90 minutes for the modest fee of $30. Students receive instruction on aspects of Critical Reading/Writing during half of the sessions and Math preparation during the other half. The first series of classes began on October 9th and a second series will begin in January. Junior Emily Desbiens is glad that the program is available. “We realized we needed this more than we thought we would.”

B.E.S.T. – A program to recognize and celebrate our best teaching practices at WHS

The B.E.S.T Teacher Program stands for Better Education for Students and Teachers.  It is a monthly recognition program for members of our teaching staff.  This program is designed to recognize our faculty for the good work that they do in support of successful student learning.  This recognition is intended to be made public to other teachers, students, administrators, parents, and the public at large to highlight the successes of our teachers, the progress of their students, and the manner in which they represent our public schools.  Additionally, it is the goal of this program to publicize these practices for the rest of our professional staff so that they can be emulated, repeated, and followed for the benefit of all of our teachers and their students.

 BEST BSondej copy

Congratulations to Ms. Barbara Sondej for being my selection as B.E.S.T. Educational Professional of the Month. She currently holds the positions of Supervisor of Curriculum (K-12), Supervisor of Math, Supervisor of Science, Testing Coordinator, Coordinator of Professional Development and Affirmative Action Officer. The work that Ms. Sondej has done to organize PARCC testing and paperwork for our QSAC audit is outstanding. Anyone who saw the mountain of folders that was set up in the Lecture Hall on the day of the audit was left with a powerful visual reference of how profound her responsibilities are. We have all been adjusting to the sea of changes that accompany PARCC, but Barbara has been demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in learning all procedures, training staff, scheduling sessions, and monitoring it all. In addition, she plays a vital role in helping to devise the master schedule, which is another challenging task for this time of the year. Her knowledge of our school, district, curriculum, community and students is exceptional. On a personal note, I am incredibly grateful for all that Barbara has taught me over the past 15 years, and especially over the past 15 months. For her exceptional talents, unwavering dedication and incredible pride in our district, I am very pleased to present this award to Ms. Barbara Sondej.

Thank you, Barbara and keep up the good work!

Wallington Sr High School
contains students in grades 7-12. Presently there are 176 students in the Junior High and 388 in the Senior High. A large Eastern European population comprised mainly of families of Polish heritage heavily influences the school.

A strong academic program is complemented by an array of co-curricular activities available to students at each grade level. A recent state poll ranked the school 3 out of 31 schools in the state whose District Factor Grouping is a B. The Bergen County Schools to Careers Consortium selected four of the schools programs as "Best Practices". The community takes great pride in the school's accomplishments.


Mission Statement:
The mission of Wallington Jr/Sr High School is to utilize the assets of a supportive, safe, and harmonious small school setting in order to foster academic excellence and provide for the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of its students. Significantly, the staff is aware of and responsive to the varied developmental needs of students at the junior and senior high school levels. Drawing strength from a tradition of strong community ties and shared values, the school further seeks to guide students into becoming key contributors to the broader community.


Belief Statements, We Believe

Education is the key element to a successful future.
Community involvement and support enhance the success of a school.
Students deserve a safe and healthy learning environment.
Student learning is the highest priority in the school.
Schools must cultivate a culture of respect for oneself and others.
A well-rounded educational program enhances overall student development.
Everyone can learn.
Every individual has intrinsic worth.
Self-motivation is an important attribute.
Adult behavior influences student confidence and performance.
Students must be taught how to learn.
Positive self image and outlook empower individuals and promote constructive social interactions.
Social interaction enhances learning.
Students develop at different rates and through different means,
Proper planning, organizational skills, and industriousness are keys to achievement.
An awareness of options assists students in effective decision making.
It is important to understand and appreciate diversity.
Volunteerism promotes personal growth.
The school culture should emphasize continuous assessment and improvement.