• Wallington Student Registration


    *Important – Regardless if are using our Online Registration, you are still required to make an appointment to finalize and enroll your child. Each type of registration still requires proof of birth, residency, and medical forms. These documents must be filled out and on hand during your appointment.


    There are 2 ways to register listed below:


    Traditional Registration

    Traditional registration is still available. You may stop in to pick up all the necessary forms needed for your appointment or you may click here to download the traditional packet. Again, an appointment is still necessary to complete registration.

    1. General Packet - (Instructions are included)




    Online Registration

    As is the case with traditional registration an appointment is still required to complete registration. Online registration (item 3) will allow you to save time during your appointment by entering most of the information beforehand.

    General Packet - (Instructions are included)
    Online Registration Users Guide – a brief overview of the online system should you require any help
    Online Registration – click here when you are ready to begin the process


    Appointment Contact Information:

    Elementary Grades 3 - 6 Registration – Samantha Gonzalez – 973-777-4420 x204

    High School Grades 7 - 12 Registration – Rebecca Sanchez – 973-777-0808 x118

    Kindergarten Grades K - 2 Registration - Halina Carr - 973-836-4700 x314