• Welcome to K-6 Vocal Music with Mr. G! 

    Students in grades k-6 will receicve one vocal music class per week taught by Mr. Giglio. Students will learn the basics of music, singing skills, important music history, as well as basic composition skills! This is done through a curriculum designed to engage and energize students into the art of music. The goal for the vocal music class is to give students a chance to explore music and get interested! It is very exciting that students in grades k-3 will also have an additional "Intro to Instruments" class with Mr. Raquet once a week as well. Students in 5th and 6th grade have a chance to get even more involved if they ellect to be a part of band or chorus. Those are extracurricular activities. Little Kids Rock! or 'rock band' is offered as an enrichment program. 


    For more information on the music program and other courses and electives offered please visit: https://www.wboe.org/domain/171