Student Absences

  • Extended Absences - In cases of all absences the student is expected to make up work and assignments. If a student is going to be absent for three days or more, the counselors will obtain assignments on parental request. Otherwise, it is the student's responsibility to confer with the individual teacher(s) to be sure all requirements have been met.

    Home Instruction - In cases of extended illness a student may be eligible for home instruction. A student who has been absent for two weeks and who will be unable to attend school for an extended period (minimum two weeks) may be eligible for home instruction. A written statement from a doctor, along with a written request from the parent, is required when requesting home instruction.

    Procedure for Home Instruction:
    1. Parent - must submit written request for home instruction addressed to
    Guidance Supervisor. Enclosed must be a written statement from the
    attending physician including:

    a. the physician's recommendation for bedside instruction
    b. the nature of the disability/illness
    c. the extent of time that the student will be unable to attend school

    Upon termination the parent should notify the Guidance Office in writing.

    2. Guidance Supervisor - upon receipt of the written request, will discuss
    the request with the school nurse. The Supervisor will then forward the
    request to the Superintendent for Board Approval. Upon notification of
    approval the Guidance Supervisor will:

    a. obtain tutors
    b. arrange a tutoring schedule
    c. monitor all phases of the home instruction program including assignment of grades

    3. School Nurse - will be consulted in the original processing of the request
    for bedside instruction. Before a student can resume regular classes, a note
    from the attending physician must be presented to the school nurse.

    Make Up Work
    Absence: Students missing an assignment or test due to absence are required to make up the work at the convenience of the teacher, providing there is a legitimate reason for the absence. It is the student's responsibility to check with the teacher concerning all the work to be made up.

    Summer School: Students who fail required courses or have a credit deficiency are permitted to attend certified summer schools.

    At the end of each school year the Guidance Director compiles a list of certified summer programs in the area. Participating students must have written approval of the Guidance Supervisor/Delegate. A participating student is responsible for tuition and transportation.