Our Board Members

Current BOE
  • Standing L-R: Mr. Ristovski, Mr. Smith, Mr. Labriola
    Seated L-R: Mrs. Hlavenka, Mr. Pinto, Ms. Maciag, Mr. Brynczka, Ms. Plaskon
    (not pictured Mrs. Calabrese)

Mission Statement

  • The Wallington Public School District is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to effective teaching techniques, which in turn produce a high level of learning. The District’s ultimate goal is to enable each individual student to learn at his/her own rate and to his/her maximum potential. The District believes that there is a strong correlation between curriculum development, professional development, the CCCS and state assessments, and will engage its staff in meaningful professional development opportunities to expose them to relevant research to enhance their teaching performance.

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