• Hall of Fame: 

    The purpose of the Academic Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding graduates, teachers and/or contributors to the tradition of Wallington Jr/Sr High School academics.  The intent is to promote pride in, and enthusiasm for, Wallington Jr/Sr High School academics in the past, present, and future.  


    Committee Membership

    Chairperson:  MJ Machtemes, Guidance Supervisor
    Secretary/Correspondence:  Kim Weinberg
    Co-treasurer:  Barbara Sondej
    Co-treasurer:  Mary Jane Kowalczyk
    Superintendent of Schools:  James Albro
    WHS Principal:  Mike Fromfield
    Member:  Mary Ann Maciag
    Member:  Debbie O'Shea
    Member:  Nancy Maciag
    Member:  Gary Kicinski