Guidance is a function of the school system in which many people are active. Administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, child study team members, school nurse and the student assistance counselor all collaborate closely to help guide youth within the limits of their responsibility.

     Since guidance services are an integral part of the entire education process, it is important that students become familiar with persons responsible for the coordinating of the guidance services available.

     Guidance is the individualizing, personalizing and socializing elements in education. It is assistance given individuals in making choices, plans, interpretations, and adjustments. Obstacles can be recognized and dealt with. Students are assisted in clarifying their plans, understanding themselves, and projecting what they can become as members of society.

     Throughout the year your counselors schedule several guidance appointments with students. However, if a student wishes to see a counselor, he/she should complete an appointment request form in homeroom or request the guidance secretary to arrange an appointment.

     Parents are encouraged to call the guidance office at any time to discuss any questions concerning the student or school program. To arrange an appointment with a counselor or a teacher, call 973-777-0808

Supervisor of Guidance/Counselor
Mary Jane Machtemes

Jaclynn Schwartzer
Natalie Radan
Maria Mangieri
Joanne Tazyk

Student Assistance Counselor
Joanne Tazyk
Natalie Radan

Rebecca Sanchez