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Chromebook Insurance

Learning Continues: Students are encouraged to use their Chromebooks to pursue academic learning, hobbies, and other passions as long as they are appropriate on a school-issued device.  Examples include but are not limited to, computer coding, audio-visual production, reading, writing, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities. 

Storing the Chromebook: Even if a student does not intend to use the Chromebook over the Summer, we ask families to store the device at home.  Doing so guarantees that students will have access to their Chromebook and charger on the first day of school and avoids potential delays during redistribution.  These devices do not require regular maintenance over the Summer and can be safely stored on a shelf with the charger.

Use time and filters: To ensure that our students are safe while using school-issued Chrome devices, the Wallington Public School District utilizes "GoGuardian" to monitor student data searches, inquiries, and/or other web activity. In addition, parents may also set up usage restrictions via the GoGuardian app available from the Apple Store / Google Play Store.

Device damage:  Any damage over the summer will be repaired in the fall, according to the current Chromebook Handbook. Students are still responsible for damage due to negligence, just as they are during the rest of the school year.   The district will cover accidental damages. We will no longer cover lost chargers or broken screens. 

Chromebook Insurance for 2023-2024: Beginning July 1, 2023, students can enroll in our annual Chromebook Insurance plan for a cost of $20. Coverages include the event of loss, theft (police report required), or damage to their school device. Specific deductible charges for repairs and loss/theft can be found in our Chromebook Handbook.  You can purchase the insurance plan through .