Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration Information

Please visit our Registration Page which is located on our website, Please look for “For Families” in the blue menu bar - a scroll-down menu will appear where you will find “Registration”.  This opens up to our Registration Page.

The General Registration Packet can be found on this page.  This packet gives you all the requirements we need to complete your child’s registration.  There are forms that need to be completed and documents that need to be provided.  

Also found on this page is the opportunity to register your child online (Online Registration). After completing the online registration please note that we will still need the documents required that are found in our General Registration Packet. 

The documents that will be needed are as follows:

Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
Proof of Residency (see requirements in the packet)
Home & Family Background
Home Language Survey
Student Emergency Card
Medical Questionnaire
Immunization Records and Physicals

At this time you can email, scan, fax, or mail these documents to us at the following:

Ms. Halina Carr (Principal Secretary)
Ms. Stacy Geltrude (School Nurse)  Fax:  973-295-3442
Mrs. Joan DiBernardo (Main Office Secretary)
Main Office Fax:  973-777-4609

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.